The One Tug – 2017 Fresh Hop IPA


“Just give it one good tug.”

In collaboration with Ellerslie Hop Farms, Hop Nation have brewed a single hop IPA using fresh Melba Hops grown on site in Myrrhee, Victoria – just at the edge of King Valley.

On February 22nd, the Hop Nation team hit the road at 4 am to make the 3 hour journey to Ellerslie farm. A couple hours of hand-harvesting later and with 60 kg of hop flowers loaded into the yute, the team hustled back to the brewery in Footscray to ensure the freshness of the hops was intact and they could hit the brew as quickly off the bine as possible. The One Tug was born.

As former winemakers, it’s second nature for Sam and Dunc to tune into a growing season and strike at the perfect opportunity for harvest, and they are stoked to celebrate the 2017 hop harvest at Ellerslie with this latest, single hop release made from such premium quality flowers.


Boasting a super fresh profile with green apple and grassy notes on the nose and a lingering mouth feel.
Hops are the focal point and by damn they are fresh!

6.8% ABV

Limited keg release only.

Contact for orders.