The Buzz – American Red

Hop Nation Brewing Co_THE BUZZ Bottle Shot

Introducing THE BUZZ, our American Red IPA and part two of our nation-based IPA series.

In naming this beer we sought out a great American number two – Buzz Aldrin – the second guy on the moon and literally only steps behind Mr. Armstrong.

With the humbling success of our first release THE FIEND, this beer, like Mr. Aldrin, has some big steps to follow but we are confident this little hop dude can do it.

Plus it weighs in at a decent 6.5% ABV – so, may the buzz be with you.



THE BUZZ is a hop-inspired American red featuring all American hops – Amarillo, Symcoe and Mosaic, and boasting a big-ass malt profile. Layers of rounded red malt orbit a generous slue of piney, spicy and floral hoppy character. THE BUZZ pours a spectacular crimson colour.

6.5% ABV

65 IBU

Available in 24-bottle cases and kegs.

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