We’re a young brewing company, but we have both worked in the wine industry for years and have seen how sustainability in the beverage industry can authentically work and not just be another corporate catch phrase.

As we grow, we aim to seek out new and diverse ways to reduce our impact on our environment while doing what we can now as a start-up business.


It starts at the brewing process for us – we are focusing on highlighting single origin ingredients in our beers. As such, we put careful thought into where these ingredients come from, how they are being farmed and how they get to market. This means sourcing from companies that are transparent about their practices – and in particular those that are doing their best to mitigate pests naturally and manage their irrigation programs in sustainable and innovative ways.



Small-batch, commercial brewing itself has come a long way over the years and the facility we have linked with to brew our beers makes use of the latest modern equipment to promote water conservation and recycling during the brewing process. Heat recovery is used throughout the system to maximize power use and by-products such as grain waste find new homes with farmers to feed some pretty happy animals.


Hanging Rock


When it comes to getting the packaged goods to you the consumer, we use recycled kegs and light weight bottles (with an eye to cans in the future). Our labelling and packaging is minimalist for a reason – it simply uses less ink and post-consumer, recycled packaging is used in our few promotional materials or the odd time a printed page is required.



Lastly, we are a small, Melbourne-based business and most of our beer is sold within 20km of the brewery we brew with. We support local restaurants and merchants as much as possible – and we have been lucky enough to receive the same support back. We love seeing our product on the shelves and taps of our neighbours – all working to promote a thriving and creative Melbourne culinary scene.